The Oguta Collection

Oguta, a small town in IMO state, Eastern Nigeria. It holds a special place in our Founder, Ijeoma’s heart. It’s where her mother grew up, her parents met, and where she enjoyed memorable holidays exploring its rich offerings. As is popularly said in pop culture – ‘there truly is rice at home’. Drawing from this nostalgia, we created the Threads of Heritage: Oguta Collection for our relaunch. Crafted from 100% silk, it was important to us to work with local artisans who could bring our vision to life. We take pride in being an ethical brand, collaborating with existing creative talents like our local craftsmen.

Let’s Explore The Prints:

The Idu Print

Idu means ‘princess’ and is also a book title and character by the first female writer in Nigeria to be published in English – Late Flora Nwapa. This royal purple print is an ode to her legacy.

The Butterfly Print

Designed to reflect the confidence and beauty of the Neema Tai woman who is soft, yet strong, graceful yet adventurous. Like the movement of the butterfly, the print is a representation of freedom.

The Confluence Print

Inspired by the beloved Oguta lake, the lake is divided into two rivers which flow and meet to create the ‘Confluence’. The print tells a tale of the activities around the lake.

The Plantain Leaf Print

This print is reminiscent of our founder’s childhood memories going to Oguta every Christmas and walking around it’s vast plantations, admiring its palm trees.

The Palm Tree Print

The Palm Tree can be seen all around Oguta and embodies the Neema Tai woman as it is a symbol of resilience, victory and peace.

This collection was made with a labor of love, every print narrating the story of our Founder’s roots.

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