The Neema Tai Journey

Neema Tai was initially founded in 2017 a few months after the birth of my first child.

The brand brings to life the different aspects of me, my values, ethos, and the things and people I love. Neema Tai has a heartbeat, which is a beautiful rhythm of my love for my continent Africa and traveling its terrains, my dedication and commitment to women, and my passion for retention and relevance of local craftsmanship in modern times.

We relaunched in November 2023 because I was finally ready to pour into Neema Tai and the vision. We launched with our silk scarves which have become a staple in women’s wardrobes all over Nigeria. My vision for the brand is to explore other product lines and production materials that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

I am passionate about creating equal opportunities for young girls to thrive and this is why Neema Tai has a social initiative called ‘Wrapped-in-love’. Wrapped in love is our social initiative through which we fund the girl child’s education. For every collection we produce, a percentage of the proceeds goes towards enabling and equipping the education of young girls across Nigeria.

I am excited about the creative direction of Neema Tai and looking forward to the contributions it will continue to make in the lives and hearts of women and young girls around the world.

We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for and we are finally here!


All my love,

Ijeoma Adesanya

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